Taxes Declassified: attract high-net-worth clients with tax-focused marketing, resources and tools.

Are you helping clients take advantage of the current tax environment? Taxes Declassified offers industry-leading tax-saving tools that can increase asset retention and grow AUM alongside insurance opportunities.

Our automated webinar program will put you in front of high-net-worth prospects looking to you for guidance on preserving more of their wealth and our team of in-house experts will help you craft the perfect tax-saving strategy for their situation.


What you get with Taxes Declassified

Advisors who’ve implemented the Taxes Declassified strategy have consistently driven six-figure growth with this approach to taxes by helping clients discover the power of indexed universal life (IUL) as a financial tool as well as other tax strategies that drive more annuity and AUM growth.

Watch your profits—and praise—grow from attendees who embrace the tactics and use them to their advantage.  

With Taxes Declassified, you get:

Meet the Author Webinars: 

Automated, turnkey webinars designed to attract
high-net-worth prospects.

Utilizing our partnership with Stonewood Financial, we have multiple strategies to help put your lead generation on autopilot that consistently get you in front of multi-million dollar households.

Record with Stonewood Content |  Use Stonewood's proven webinar presentations to record your own automated webinar.
Leverage our Pre-Recorded Webinars
|  Stonewood experts have recorded top-converting webinars you can put to use.
Custom Record with Stonewood Experts
|  Co-record your webinar with one of Stonewood's tax and legislative experts.

Whether you want to present yourself or have someone present for you, we have you covered.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Ian Alsup, Life Sales Relationship Manager, for more information on how to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.