Seminar and Webinar Marketing for Financial Advisors

Get in front of more prospects with proven lead-generation solutions.

Workshops, seminars, and webinars help advisors attract quality prospects and turn them into appointments. Through hyper-targeted audience segmentation, proven marketing strategies, and state-of-the-art design, we help you reach the right people at the right time with the right message.


Proven seminar strategies designed to grow your business.

We understand the power of a results-driven seminar marketing strategy. With over 10,000 successful seminar campaigns under our belt, our in-house team of digital marketing strategists is dedicated to growing your business. Our strategy involves:

In-House Digital Expertise

Leveraging our in-house expertise, we craft digital campaigns designed to fill your seminars up with the right prospects saving you thousands of marketing dollars and ensuring your pipeline stays full.

Proven Results

Our focus is on more than just filling up a room; it’s about driving tangible growth and ROI. With hundreds of millions in assets generated directly from our digital campaigns, our strategies have a proven track record of success.

Advanced Targeting Techniques

Utilizing hyper-targeting and advanced segmentation, we ensure your message reaches the right audience. This precision in targeting is key to making sure you have the right prospects in the room. We focus on quality over quantity.

Continuous Improvement through Testing

We don't just set up campaigns; we monitor and optimize them to ensure success. Extensive testing and adjustments are part of our ongoing commitment to optimizing your results and we’re always getting better at what we do.

Strong Industry Connections

Though digital is our expertise, we believe strongly in the power of direct mail. Our relationships with top direct mail houses allow us to blend our digital prowess with traditional marketing, creating a seamless and comprehensive seminar strategy to amplify your business growth.

High Quality Leads That Convert

We have a library of presentations across a range of topics ready to go. Whether you’re comfortable presenting in-person at a dinner seminar or workshop, a seasoned virtual presenter, or prefer to have others present for you, we have solutions to get you in front of more opportunities.

The Process

When it comes to events, details matter. Whether it’s an introduction to prospects or hosting established clients, their experience can make or break their impression of you, no matter where your relationship stands with them.


We help you choose the best venue, date, time, and event type.


We write impactful ad copy, design high-converting ad creative, find and target the right audience, and publish your ads so they start generating leads.


While your campaign runs, our team of in-house digital marketing strategists keep a close eye on its performance, adjusting and optimizing when needed.


As prospects register, our confirmation callers ensure they receive reminder texts, calls, and emails to keep the event top of mind.


After the event, we help you nurture any no-shows. With our custom Seminar Follow-Up Guides, you’re equipped with call scripts, email templates, and a suggested follow-up cadence to help convert your leads into appointments.

More Templates

"We've closed business on every single workshop we've done with CreativeOne. And when you factor in some of the large money that will trickle in within the next 12-18 months, it's pretty amazing. All of the closed business was cultivated purely from C1 digital ads."

Event types and topics to reach a diverse range of audiences

In-Person Events

• With food (dinner, lunch, brunch)
• Experience (wine tasting, movie showing)
• Educational (workshop, two-day classes)

Virtual Events

• Live webinars
• Pre-recorded webinars
• Evergreen webinars
• Client/prospect appreciation
• National audiences

Event Topics

• Retirement Income Planning
• Taxes in Retirement
• Social Security
• Baby Boomer Dilemma
• Retire For L.I.F.E.
• Estate Planning
• Women & Wealth
• Medicare
• Federal Employees
• Stonewood

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