Discover a partnership that helps you get more out of life.

Often, the biggest opportunities in your practice are the simplest ones.  

Our team helps you identify those opportunities, build strategies to leverage your network and close more business. Whether through point-of-sale coaching, running complex analysis and reports, or helping position you against the competition, we’re here to help you win.  


The Support You Need to Grow Your Practice

Advanced Case Design
Underwriting Consultation
Tax-Savvy Client Acquisition & Lead Generation
Policy Analysis Tools
Advanced Underwriting
Premium Financing
Advanced Markets & Wealth-Building
Stonewood Financial Sales System
Client Profiling Excellence

How we help your clients:

Evaluate competitiveness of active insurance policies.
Establish and fund estate plans that preemptively anticipate 2026 legislative changes.
Safeguard wealth with tax-efficient planning.
Optimize required minimum distribution and wealth transfer strategies.
Protect generational liquidity.
Explore flexible long-term care alternatives and safeguard advisory assets.
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How we help your business:

Retain key employees.
Build tax-advantaged and executive bonuses for your clients (and yourself).
Establish a succession plan for the second and third generation to ensure business continuity.
Establish a self-funded retirement, separate from the business.
Help business owners retire from their business.
Equalize estate in the event not all children follow in parent's footsteps.
Establish continuity plans if the unthinkable happens and protect the continuity for your employees.
Protect assets from business interruptions.
Support spouses in the event business owners pass.

Working With Us Means Making Your Practice Better

Your choice to partner with us unlocks an expansive and robust network of industry expertise and carrier access.  

We streamline case submissions and accelerate commissions. Decades-old carrier alliances are pivotal, allowing us to advocate for superior underwriting classes, expedite responses, and push when medical record evaluations allow for it.  

We recognize the slim margins for error in life insurance and that precision in case placement is essential. Be confident in our expertise and proactive measures to advance your client’s interests.  

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Solutions for Complex Challenges

Leverage our exclusive product designs, savvy business development tactics, and case development strategies to gain a decisive edge in attracting and winning prospects against your competition.

Advantage Over Competitors

Our expertise is not just in creating opportunities but in fine-tuning them to beat out your competition. For sensitive clients, informal inquiries are pivotal, and we are adept at handling ultra-high-net-worth cases with the utmost discretion.

Coaching and Strategic Support

Benefit from personalized coaching and strategic planning sessions to refine your approach and solidify opportunities. Remain well-informed and prepared to capitalize on significant opportunities emerging from regulatory shifts, especially with the impending tax changes

A Value-Driven Relationship

Our relentless commitment to your growth is evidenced by tangible results; our leading advisors have seen a substantial year-over-year growth in their life insurance production, averaging an increase of 49.6%.

Extensive Carrier Access

Gain access to leading independent insurance carriers, as well as extensive reinsurance and premium financing. Importantly, our independence as a privately held, product-agnostic entity ensures that our focus is solely on what's best for your clients.

Dependable Back-Office Support

Our back-office professional’s tenure boast an average of over 25 years in scrubbing applications, medical exam coordination, and working with physician offices—all to ensure the fluid progression of your cases. Their expertise in interpreting medical records and securing better underwriting outcomes is second to none.

Who We Work With

Advisors and RIAs
Seasoned, Independent Life Insurance Agents
Captive Insurance Agents & Captive Marketing Organizations
Annuity Focused Agents
Advisor Point of Sales Assistance

Meet the Team

Pat McEvoy
SVP, Life Sales
Rena Nicholson
SVP, Life Sales
Joel Houser
VP, Bus. Development
Ian Alsup
Life Sales Relationship Manager

Has your practice plateaued?

See how we helped build a five-year growth plan that took a $600mm firm to $4.8B. You can do the same.