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Erik Bowman entered the financial services industry 10 years ago with a background in active military service and decades of sales leadership. Erik took his deep understanding of process and sales excellence and developed a proprietary business management system called Rainmaker.

Rainmaker synchronizes all aspects of the client lifecycle into an easy-to-use online interface, making it efficient in daily practice.

Rainmaker's business management system

Allowing you to efficiently bring in new, profitable business, manage your pipeline, and effectively navigate ongoing service and support to create unparalleled retention levels.

Training & Coaching

Opportunity for virtual or live training sessions with Erik upon program onboarding to learn how to implement the business model into your own practice, ongoing coaching sessions to facilitate success in the Rainmaker system.


Insights on how to consumers, seminar assets (invitations, prospect folders, presentations, prep items and sign-in table assets), materials utilized in client meetings 1 and 2, messaging samples.

Tools & software

Supplemental tracking spreadsheets, direction on how to implement existing CreativeOne tools (like Facebook Seminars) that correspond with the Rainmaker system. ​​

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