Key features of the Total Value Annuity

This limited-distribution fixed-index annuity has ranked number one in overall FIA sales since the 3rd quarter of 2012¹. With more than $1.3B in sales in the last 13 months, the TVA has become the go-to product for many advisors to help solve their client's retirement income, accumulation or legacy planning needs.

The TVA from Security Benefit Life Insurance Company combines:

  • A first-year premium bonus of up to 10% (depending upon state, rider purchased and age)
  • 4% plus interest credits in a guaranteed stacking Roll-up of the Income Rider's Income Benefit Base and the Death Benefit Rider's Death Benefit Base
  • Death Benefit Base payable as a lump sum at death (if higher than the base contract death benefit)
  • An uncapped innovative, proprietary new index crediting option**
  • An Income Rider with ultra-competitive payout factors and a Home Healthcare Doubler***
  • 7% comp for you

Crediting Options for the TVA

TVA has 4 arms: Fixed Account, S&P 500® Annual Point-to-Point, Annuity Linked Trader Vic Index, and Transparent Value Blended Index

NEW! The Transparent Value Blended Index (TVBI) blends two indices:

  1. The Transparent Value Large-Cap Defensive Index℠ without dividends, and
  2. The S&P® 2-Year U.S. Treasury Note Futures Total Return Index.

Learn more about the Transparent Value Blended Index (TVBI) »

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