Introducing Athene's TargetHorizon℠ Annuities

Superior Income. Strong Growth Potential. Confinement "Tripler" Benefit.

With employee pension plans quickly becoming a thing of the past, the responsibility of living a comfortable life in retirement has shifted to your clients. Now, you can help them create the retirement they want. The TargetHorizon℠ Annuity along with the TargetPay Income Benefit Riders from Athene features an array of benefits that may be perfectly suited for today's consumer.

The TargetHorizon℠ Annuity and Income Benefit Riders help bring clarity to retirement planning. Your clients are able to target their retirement goals, growth potential and income needs with this breakthrough product.

Features include:

  • Clients can select the inflation-adjusted income option and receive increases in their income based on increases in the Consumer Price Index.* Or, they can also select the level income option, providing a steady "retirement paycheck."
  • Healthcare costs continue to rise and planning for it can be difficult. The industry's first Confinement Income Benefit can TRIPLE your clients' Income Benefit Rider income stream to help supplement health care costs due to an extended illness or injury.**
  • Once income has begun, TargetReserve gives clients the option to elect to receive income now or defer it. This unique feature acts like a "piggy bank" they can use for future needs.
  • Your clients will receive a statement of benefits, which tells them exactly how much their future income will be.***

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TargetHorizon 10 and TargetHorizon 15 brochures

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TargetHorizon℠ 10 Annuity [TBS10 (9/12)], TargetHorizon℠ 10 Select [TBS10 (9/12)NB], TargetHorizon℠ 15 Annuity [TBS 15 (9/12)], TargetPay Income Benefit Rider [TBSIRF (9/12)], TargetPay Plus Income Benefit Rider [TBSIRI (9/12)] or state variations are issued by Athene Life and Annuity Company, West Des Moines, IA. Products not available in all states. Product features, limitations and availability vary by state; see the Certificate of Disclosure for details.
* Increases only applied on the contract anniversary for a limited number of contract anniversaries after Lifetime Income Benefits have commenced. The percent of the increase may be limited. Under both income options, if you take an Excess Withdrawal, your Maximum Lifetime Income Benefit will be reduced.
** Assuming client meets all eligibility requirements outlined in the policy, including becoming confines in a qualified care facility. The benefit is payable for a maximum of 60 months. See the TargetPay and TargetPay Plus Income Benefit Riders Certificate of Disclosure for full eligibility requirements and limitations. If you are released from your qualified care facility, your rider income will adjust back to the original level. The Confinement Income Benefit is not available in all states.
*** Assuming no withdrawals are taken prior to accessing the Lifetime Income Benefit. Any withdrawals will reduce the Lifetime Income Benefit amounts.