A comprehensive, turnkey Social Security resource

In 2013, almost 58 million Americans will receive $816 billion in Social Security benefits*. However, many don't realize how much is actually at stake, and that their monthly income could be substantially higher if they took the time to understand how Social Security works.

With CreativeOne's Social Security Suite, you can become the "Social Security Guru" by:

The Social Security Suite package
  1. Educating yourself from articles written by industry experts
  2. Access your complete Social Security Kit that includes a direct mail offering, reservation service, and seminar presentations with script
  3. Choose from a variety of Support Materials: a prospect letter, client fact finder, client brochures, appointment sheet, and more
  4. Utilizing the simple Social Security Software to accurately illustrate how social security works in your clients' retirement future
  5. Being "in-the-know" with the latest Social Security Updates delivered directly from the Social Security Administration

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