"Not having a dedicated team with
resources to incorporate savvy strategies
could limit opportunities or be the needed
instruments to build a thriving business."

Rob Hagg - Sr. VP Life Sales & Integrated Financial Services

"Medical and life insurance knowledge
is paramount for the most intricate cases."

Mary Pierce, Life Sales
Deitra Brownlee, Life Sales Administration Manager

"Diverse experience counts
because no two clients have
the same needs."

William Lane, Jr., Annuity Sales Consultant

"Anything is possible if you
have a vision and work hard."

Julie Lambertz, Integrated Financial Services Recruiter

Integrated Financial Services

A better way to approach
risk management

Rob Hagg, Sr. VP Life Sales &
Integrated Financial Services

Integrated Financial Services

We Know Why You Are Here

  • Nobody speaks your language
  • You’ve outgrown the capabilities of your current insurance partnership
  • A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for your firm
  • You desire to exponentially grow your business and haven’t found a partnership that can do that

CreativeOne’s Integrated Financial Services (IFS) division exists to fill a major void in the financial and insurance industry. Wealth managers now have a place to help create a road map to grow their business. You now have a partner to holistically fulfill your clients’ needs through the true synergy of investments and insured solutions.

IFS can serve as a silent conduit to help you multiply your AUM, and bring greater efficiency to your business. We can help you fully integrate a game-changing strategy to give you a competitive advantage and to build a protective fence around your clients.

Best of all, we’re concentrating on strengthening firms who have already established themselves as the “best of the best.” Even an elite firm like yours can benefit from the one-of-kind coaching and consultation experience. IFS emphasizes quality over quantity, where consultation and services are reserved for the most elite wealth firms in the nation.

Who We Have Assembled

To be one of the best, you have to work with some of the best. The Integrated Financial Services team comprises a who’s-who of industry experts.

The team’s executive leadership was instrumental in growing a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm from $150 million in assets under management to nearly $1 billion in just four years. CreativeOne’s procurement of this talent and development of a like-minded team has blossomed into a “power house” of expertise for wealth managers. The team’s tenure includes many advanced masters degrees, registered representatives, former advisors, insurance directors and those who’ve worked in affluent markets where savvy solutions-based selling strategies are a necessity.

We also provide elite firms access to teams including:

    • One of the most experienced underwriters in the industry
    • A team of talented, award-winning marketing and advertising professionals
    • Innovative information technology consultants
    • A network of attorneys with decades of financial service experience
    • Comprehensive training and enrichment opportunities
    • Compliance and suitability guidance

Ready to ditch traditional philosophies for a fresh approach?

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The Value Proposition in Repositioning Life Insurance in Your Firm

Continually honing your strategy is necessary to build and maintain a competitive edge. In today’s environment, you must form a protective fence around your best client to preclude competitive poaching.

In this exclusive white paper, you can learn how to:

    • Optimize and reorganize your existing structure
    • Customize client solutions to maximize the payoff
    • Grow your firm’s assets under management
    • Guard your growing market share

Who We Are

CreativeOne is a leading national marketing organization for life insurance, annuities and securities. Our service and expertise has continued to evolve over the last three decades to help agents, advisors and financial professionals grow their business.

In 2013, after many years under carrier ownership, CreativeOne’s executive management alongside two long-time industry veterans had a vision to gain ownership independence and expand the nearly 150 employee organization into new markets, develop innovative tools and provide advisors with industry leading resources to grow their business.

The company’s long-time principles, President Mike Tripses and Chief Financial Officer Will Moneymaker, are committed to maximize your potential, provide you the best advisor experience and serve as your most dedicated partner. Our executive leadership’s forward-thinking approach and financial depth allows CreativeOne to heavily invest in top talent acquisitionsand a robust infrastructure to provide the tools and comprehensive services others in our industry cannot. Because of this, we’ll continue to be on the front-end of change in the industry and have the capabilities to provide solutions to you before others.

CreativeOne is committed to seeing advisors excel. The passion and commitment of executive leadership exudes through our receptionists, literature fulfillment team, contracting team, product information specialists and every other teammate. You might not see every team member or hear their voice, but they’re here for you today, tomorrow and years after to help you achieve their dreams.

Let’s build a solid relationship together.

How to Choose the Right Person To Be Your Insurance Director

Having an Insurance Director with expertise in insurance helps grow your firm’s assets under management (AUM) and guards your growing market share.

We can explore the characteristics and qualities you should look for in identifying candidates for the position of Insurance Director.

In this exclusive white paper, you should learn how to train the newly appointed, including:

    • Why can an Insurance Director produce more than a traditional life producer?
    • Who should make the candidate shortlist?
    • How to teach the Insurance Director to funnel new sales to advisors
    • And much more!

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